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Customize your Own Printed Iron-On (HTV) Transfers

Customize your Own Printed Iron-On (HTV) Transfers

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Create your own custom t-shirts, jackets, socks, pants, hats and more with your  custom iron-on transfers! Upload your own logos or designs.

Our custom iron-on transfers are a great way for you to be creative - use them for your own clothes, birthdays, weddings, bachelor parties, sports events, school labels and more. 

The more you purchase, the more you save! 

Our transfers will take you a short amount of time to apply. 

This listing is for sizes 1.5" to 14". If you need bigger, please email us at 

* We print our heat transfers on "white" You also have the option to add a "background" colour so that your image blends with your material colour. 

* You can choose a shape that you would like your image, or we can cut it to the shape of your image. If you supply a file with cut lines, those will be followed. 

* All HTV prints will come with a High Tack mask as well as instructions to assist you with your application. 

* If you have any questions, please contact us! We are here to help you. 

HTV Press Instructions: 

- Mask with your provided TTD High Tack Mask. 

- Pre-heat your item that you will be pressing for 2-3 seconds 

- Apply your design at 120 degrees Celsius or 250 degrees Fahrenheit

- Apply medium pressure for 5-10 seconds

- Peel carrier sheet while hot 

- Repress for 3-5 seconds while covering with a Teflon sheet / Parchment paper



What fabrics can I use iron-on transfers on? 

We recommend clothing that is 100% cotton, 100% polyester, a blend of polyester and cotton, lycra / spandex fabrics and some hard surfaces (example PU leather jewellery boxes) 


Do I need a heat press to use these? 

No, an iron will do! Instructions will come with your transfer to help you along the way. We are also always available to help yoo help you if you have questions. 

Where should I store my iron-ons if I am not using them yet?

Keep them flat, out of the sun in a cool place until you are ready to use them. 

Are iron-on transfers permanent?

Yes, once they have adhered to your item, they are permanent. We always recommend a delicate washing machine cycle to ensure your images last a long time. 

What color are iron-on transfers?

We print these on white. If you would like the background colour to match your item you are pressing on to, please enter a CMYK colour # as your background colour. 

Can my image be cut out? 

Yes! If you would like your image cut out (for example individual letters) please make a note on your order and we will send your a proof before printing. 

Is there a minimum order? 

No, however the more your order the more you save. You don't have to use the same image either - please make a note if you have multiple images. 

Can you help with my image?

Yes we can! Please email us at

What’s the largest size I can make my iron-ons at?

We can print 28" wide x 50ft long - please email us if you need bigger sizes than shown. 

Can I use photo's for my iron on? 

As long as they are great quality, yes we can! If we see that they don't look good enough, we will contact you. 

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