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DTF Shirt Transfer - I'm The Problem It's Me - DTF100023

DTF Shirt Transfer - I'm The Problem It's Me - DTF100023

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Enhance your crafting projects with our premium DTF Transfers, now available and ready to ship! 

Our designs are approximately 10" on the longest side, which is the most popular size for adult apparel and also great for bags. 

For those seeking personalized designs, we offer a convenient design request service. With a minimum order quantity (MOQ) of just 10 transfers, you can bring your unique ideas to life.  You can expect your customized transfers within approximately one to two weeks.  

Pressing Instructions: 

No iron can be used, only a heat press. 

Heat press temperature should be set to 325 F.

Prior to heat pressing, hover the heat press over the transfer INK SIDE UP as close as you can without touching the transfer and allow the transfer to warm up for 30-60 seconds and this process will remove moisture from the transfer. This moisture in the ink builds up during the mailing process. 

Heat up your garment as well. 

Use Medium to Heavy Pressure to press the transfer on the shirt for 15 seconds, wave the shirt a few times to cool it down, or use a cooling jig. Don't peel straight after pressing. 

Repress if you would like to do a second press. However, There is no need to use a cover sheet after you’ve peeled the transfer, press again for 5-10 seconds.

If printing small print or small text, Press for 25 seconds using heavy pressure and let the transfer cool completely before peeling. If for any reason that the print begins to lift off the shirt, stop peeling and press again. This could be due to inconsistent pressure or heat spots. 

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