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Glass Flatback Rhinestones: Barbie's Dream House Mix

Glass Flatback Rhinestones: Barbie's Dream House Mix

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* Choice of 1oz or 3oz packages

* Barbie's Dream House Mix is a mix of 5 shades of pink in 5 sizes: SS6, SS10, SS12, SS16 and SS20

* These Non-hotfix rhinestones have a flat-back. They require an adhesive to stick.

* Some example applications include: tumblers, keychains, nails, cosmetics, shoes, general crafts etc. 

*** AB and Metallic Rhinestones have a coating on them to give them their unique look. Please bear this in mind when planning your projects as these can show wear and chip over time. 

*** Slight differences in colour may vary batch to batch. Colours may also show differently on screen. 


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