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Hotfix Rhinestone Heat Applicator

Hotfix Rhinestone Heat Applicator

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Hotfix Rhinestone Heat Applicator

For use ease of sticking hotfix rhinestones to apparel. 

Ergonomically designed handle. Comfortable rubberized grip

 Heats up in 2 minutes.

Includes 7 precision interchangeable tips


sizes of the 7 tips:

ss6 =2mm , ss10=3mm , ss16=4mm (fitted to the applicator) , ss20=5mm , ss34=7mm , 4mm flat hot spot , 9mm flat

Dimension: 18.5 x 4 x 2.6cm. cable: 108cm length.

Hotfix applicator x 1
Tips x 7


Input power 220v/110v ,

output power 12v, power 25w.



1.Set the tips on the applicator according to the size of rhinestone.

2.Plug the applicator and fully heat the tip for 2 mins

3.Put the rhinestone on the target placement, hold the applicator and put it on to
the head of rhinestone vertically for 30-60seconds.

4.Move away the applicator and check if the rhinestone is stuck on the fabric firmly.
If not, reheat the rhinestone until stuck. 
5.Repeat above to make your own designs. 


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