Custom Prints Bulk Kiss Cut Stickers (1.5" to 5" Size)

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If you have your own image that you would like turned into a sticker, this is the option for you! Create your sticker in a size and quantity of your choice. Our stickers are kiss-cut, which allows them to easily be peeled away from the backing. 


This includes sticker sizes 1.5" to 5" (size is measured on the longest side). For custom sizes, please email us at info@cuteykblanks.ca. 

Sticker options: 

  • You can choose if you would like a solid print or a transparent sticker. We always recommend stickers to be printed on white for optimal brightness. Transparent is great if you have a certain look you are going for. 

* If choosing "transparent" vinyl, please note that white will not print. White areas will be transparent. (The entire sticker will be transparent) 

  • Choose what shape you would like your sticker - this can be in a set shape or the cut can follow the shape of your image. 
  • Choose if you would like a gloss or matte finish to your sticker. We recommend gloss. 


How long do you take to ship out my order?

We currently ship within 1-2 business days. The time it takes to get to you will depend on your location. 

What will my sticker look like? 

We don't typically send our proofs before printing, however if you are unsure, please add a note to your order and we will be in contact before printing your order. 

What can I use my stickers for? 

These are high quality stickers which can be used for laptops, sports helmets, promotional handouts, wedding favours, vehicles, tumblers - the list is endless. They are great for business or personal use. 

Are the stickers durable? 

Oh yes! Our stickers are waterproof, weather resistant, microwave safe and wash safe. We only use top quality inks and great quality vinyl. 

Why is one sticker so expensive? 

It takes us the same amount of time to setup to print one sticker, than it does to print 500. So the more you order, the more you save! 

Can I write on the stickers? 

Yes you can! We recommend permanent marker. 

I want stickers, but I don't have an image. Can you help? 

Absolutely! Send us an email with your requirements to info@cuteykblanks.ca