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Teckwrap Cold Color Change Adhesive Vinyl - Orange

Teckwrap Cold Color Change Adhesive Vinyl - Orange

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Teckwrap Cold Color Change Adhesive Vinyl

  • Permanent adhesive
  • 4 mil thick
  • Indoor use
  • Color change occurs around 50⁰ Fahrenheit, 10⁰ Celsius

Test cut is always recommended

Size 12" x 12" Sheet

  • Get creative with our Cold Color Changing Vinyl to make a unique surprising craft project. When chilled below 59°F (15°C), the color will change from White/Light color to color on the opposite side & change back to its original look when the temperature increases. 

    Shake off your stress today by crafting something unique with this color shift vinyl that is sensitive to Cold Temperature. It has a gloss finish & permanent property but indoor use is recommended not for outdoor use.

    It makes an ideal choice for daily or occasional decorating projects like decals, signs, and craft projects. It can even be used on special occasions like birthdays, team events, & festivals.

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