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Teckwrap Soft Holographic Heat Transfer Vinyl - Luxury Gold

Teckwrap Soft Holographic Heat Transfer Vinyl - Luxury Gold

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Bling up your favorite fashion pieces with our newest heat transfer vinyl in Soft Holographic! This vinyl is so eye-catching, you’ll have jaws dropping at the sight of your shiny t-shirts and hoodies. Cut this vinyl to any shape or size without missing even a tiny detail. The material is soft, stretchy, and super thin allowing easy weeding and quick transfer onto your desired garments. 

Its durable feel makes it the best heat transfer vinyl for cotton fabrics. Available in 7 gorgeous metallic hues, the quality of this vinyl never drops despite multiple washes. Enjoy making decals, slogans, letters, and unique figures with a smooth, ultra-glossy finish. 


    • Best metallic heat transfer vinyl for cotton fabric surfaces 
    • Strong waterproof adhesion 
    • Smooth, glossy finish
    • Easy cutting and weeding 
    • Flexible material that can be carved to any shape, size, letter, or figure 
    • Easy handling and use for DIY artists 
    • Ideal for personalizing t-shirts, bags, aprons, pillow cases, hoodies, and club wear. 
    • Impressive durability even after multiple washes 
    • High-quality, premium color shades that won’t ever fade
  • Comes in one 12" x 12" piece 
  • Mirror/Reverse your design 
  • Layout the fabric on a hard, flat surface. 
  • Place a Teflon sheet / cardboard on image to protect the transferred image onto both sides of the t-shirt.
  • Set a heat press machine to 150℃ (310℉) 
  • Press on medium pressure for 10 seconds. 
  • Iron on the vinyl gloss side. No steam iron. 
  • Disperse heat evenly and do not stay in one spot to avoid scorching.  
  • Peel off the backing paper once the vinyl has cooled. 
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